Awakening of the Heart

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Awakening of the Heart

 Second in a series of three teachings on 

The Years 2021 to 2025 ~

The Dark Gets Darker/The Light Shines Brighter

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Despite its distortions, there are durable remnants of the Piscean Era that are vital to the success of Aquarian times. 

In Part I of this series, I explored the current personal, national, and global crises we are now experiencing through the lens of the transition from the Piscean Era to the Aquarian Era – a cosmic shift taking place over 500 years, and within which we find ourselves at the precise midpoint. The years 2021-2025 (some say 2025-2030) are the most vulnerable in the 500-year span as the intense clash of opposing energies (Piscean vs. Aquarian) dominates our lives and our planet. We are in a literal life-and-death struggle between what came before (life as we have known it) and what is yet to come. These years – 2021 through 2025 – will be characterized by continued unrest, violence, and extreme darkness. Nevertheless, as the darkness created during the Piscean years rises up and dissipates, the extraordinary Aquarian energies of LIGHT more clearly emerge. This LIGHT is the Light of the Divine, the Light of God, and the Light that is within our hearts.

The Beneficial Legacy of the Piscean Era

Acknowledging how the Piscean Era failed is essential for those who will be a part of the Aquarian Era. You might be surprised to know that there are several aspects of the Piscean period that are vital to the success of Aquarian times. Aquarians can learn what Piscean behaviors are worthy to be brought forward and which ones are best not advanced to the Aquarian.

Psychology, spiritual growth, and practical, of-the-world skills such as technology, philanthropy, and industrialization are the durable remnants that the Piscean Era bequeaths with benefit to the Aquarian Era. The Piscean was an age of unshakeable faith, idealism, and optimism. People were willing to selflessly dedicate themselves to a cause, whether that meant going to war to protect their country or to advocate for human rights and cultural diversity. With a work-ethic attitude and competitive nature, Pisceans invented machinery and technology needed to increase economic and industrial growth.

Pisceans' aspirations to be loyal, earnest, and ethical were forerunners of the true use of heart energy. 

Aware of human suffering, Pisceans created charitable foundations and helping professions. During the Piscean Era, understanding of the physical body and healthcare needs resulted in the development of the medical and allied health professions. The human psyche was studied and treatment methods were developed for mental health disorders. Appreciation of beauty resulted in the proliferation of art, music, and drama. Desiring to experience Spirit, Pisceans became filled with devotion, fiery zeal, sincerity, and humility. They developed mental faculties of abstract thought, persistence, and persuasion. Educated and able to problem-solve, they learned how to bring order out of chaos. Their aspirations to be loyal, earnest, and ethical were forerunners of the true use of heart energy.

The Spiritual Teachings of Jesus

The template that birthed the onset of the Piscean Era over 2,000 years ago has often been identified with the spiritual teachings of Jesus. Imparted with a vibration of spiritual love and wisdom, loving acceptance, inner peace, inclusiveness, intelligent conviction, service, and heart, these teachings spread throughout the world.

However, in the absence of the leader, the group could not sustain the purity of the teachings. This disconnection resulted in a distortion of the leader’s teachings and the subsequent development of different factions. A veil shrouded the spiritual essence of the leader’s teachings in darkness, evidenced as fundamentalism, the ascendancy of fanatic nationalistic religious movements, and reigns of terror and genocide on many continents. Spiritual leaders other than Jesus, such as Mohammed and the Dalai Lama, have experienced a similar distortion of their teachings with factions splitting off.

At times during the Piscean Era, the veil of forgetfulness of our divinity lifted to reveal the hidden identity of LIGHT. Whenever people, groups, and countries honor one another with compassion, the veil lifts.    

Glimpses of Light

Glimpses of Light appear in our lives whenever we experience a genuine heart connection with one another. Glimpses occur whenever ignorance – the cause of darkness – has dissipated and when the hidden darkness has been faced and brought to the Light with integrity, understanding, and compassion. To experience the Light, we first need courage to face and accept the truth.  Then we use our energy to solve our problems and to love and forgive. Finally, with compassion, the veil of forgetfulness drops completely and Light is all we see within ourselves and humanity. 

Division and harm are escalating on our planet right now; darkness has to be “coughed up” so it can dissipate, dissolve, and disappear. Once this darkness is cleansed, we can shift more easily to heart-centered, spiritual values and truly help one another. Much that is good, sacred, helpful, and meaningful will be brought forward from the Piscean into the Aquarian. It is what isn't helpful that will be released.

Becoming Heart-Oriented

Understanding the shift from the Piscean to the Aquarian may feel overwhelming or like something we can’t “get our mind around.” It’s actually less important that we understand this cosmic transition mentally; rather, we must emotionally and spiritually feel the presence of God's Grace that is rising and becoming more and more evident. 2025 is about the heart, not the head.

There are more nerve pathways from the heart to the head than from the head to the heart.

Many living on Earth right now already are – or are becoming – heart-oriented, helping others to become aware of their own hearts in order to be mentally and spiritually healthy. What is changing on our planet is occurring at the emotional-spiritual heart level, not at the level of the mental head. Did you know the heart's purpose is to serve the head? It is even so that there are more nerve pathways from the heart to the head than from the head to the heart.

We must become more heart-oriented if we are to help ease the transition into the Aquarian. Educating ourselves about the spiritual laws of the heart will help us understand how our heart “translates” sacred energies into the practical, day-to-day realities of our life on Earth. In my book To Show Another Way: How to Learn, Heal, and Serve at a Time of Crisis on Planet Earth, I offer a teaching on these spiritual laws, as well as a unique, healing prayer – known as The Great Invocation – that has been used by millions of people worldwide of all religious faiths and spiritual traditions. This prayer has been designed to support humanity as it enters the Aquarian Era, bestowing a means of contacting and circulating the spiritual energies that are contributing to the transformation of our world.

May we take this profound prayer “to heart,” allowing it to give voice to our heart’s role in bringing Light to these dark times.

Wherever You Go, Go with Your Heart

(Chapter Nine, Teaching One from To Show Another Way:
How to Learn, Heal, and Serve at a Time of Crisis on Planet Earth)      

Perhaps the rarest treasure we can embody or witness in another is a compassionate, joyful, and patient heart. Such a heart can pour out blessings, offering the gift of Love and Light to individuals, countries, nations, nature—indeed, to all living creatures and all aspects of our world. A healing, transforming, uplifting heart offers the most magnificent gift we can find within ourselves or discover in another—the opportunity to show another way.

In universal spiritual and metaphysical teachings, the heart is described as the core of our being—our essence and True Self or Soul. These teachings, known as the Ancient or Ageless Wisdom, predict that gifts of the heart will eventually emerge in people across the planet and permeate our world. These gifts of the heart will lead humanity into a golden age. When this happens, the enlightened heart will guide all that the mind does, charging it with the vision of the future.

The awakening of the heart has already begun; it is this awakening that will ultimately save Planet Earth from ongoing harm and from being destroyed.



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