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The Years 2021 to 2025 ~
The Dark Gets Darker / The Light Gets Lighter

A Series of Three Teachings on the Destiny
of Humanity and Planet Earth

In 2023, I reissued, with new introductions, a series of three teachings I originally wrote in 2016 on the subject of destiny – personal destiny; the destiny of families, groups, and organizations; and the destiny of the United States.

I chose to revisit these teachings because acknowledging and claiming our destiny – at every level – is crucial to understanding the unique time in which we are living and the critical role we are to play in it. 

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Here I reintroduce another series that can be considered a ‘Part IV’ in my teachings about destiny and which discusses what could be said to be the most important of our various destinies: the destiny of humanity and Planet Earth.

A Cosmic Shift in Human Consciousness

We are going through an unprecedented ‘Cosmic Shift’ on our planet – the transition from the Piscean Era to the Aquarian Era. This transition represents the ending of one 2,000-year era (the Piscean) and the beginning of the next 2,000-year era (the Aquarian).

The transition also represents a seismic shift in human consciousness, as our planet and humanity as a whole transition from the third and fourth dimensions, where we currently reside (the Piscean Era), and take a quantum leap into the edges of the fifth dimension of the Aquarian Era. The transition has been foretold in various world religions and cultures, anticipating a ‘Golden Age’ of Light, peace, and unified consciousness.

The Midpoint of the Transition

The transition from the Piscean Era to the Aquarian Era reaches its precise midpoint in the years 2021 to 2025. This blog series, which can be read as an exploration of the destiny of humanity and Planet Earth at this unique time in our planet’s history, is about these specific years through which we are living right now.

Aquarian energies began to emerge on Planet Earth around 1760; by the year 2260, Piscean energies will have fully yielded to Aquarian energies. In the meantime, as the Piscean plays out its remaining years and the Aquarian energies continue to become stronger and more prominent, our planet is experiencing an extreme increase in turmoil and unrest as the darker energies rise to the surface to be changed into Light. 

The Destiny of Humanity and Planet Earth

Of all our destinies – personal, family, group, national – our planetary destiny and the destiny of the human race is the most important. It is by recognizing, understanding, and taking action to support the fulfillment of this destiny that we can support the wellbeing and continued existence of each other, of our world, and of the earth upon which we live. 

The series explores the unique characteristics of this midpoint between the eras in relation to what is happening today, recognizing that we are at a moment of great significance for the survival or our planetand what we can do – what we must do – as conscious members of the human race to fulfill our role in the destiny of our world. It is up to us – Lightbearers of the new era – to manifest our destiny by helping to usher in the New World of peace, joy, love, and Divine Light.

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The four years between 2021 and 2025 will be a particularly disruptive and dangerous time, as dark energy rises to the surface to be changed into Light.

bees   blog logo Part II: Awakening of the Heart

Despite its distortions, there are durable remnants of the Piscean Era that are vital to the success of Aquarian times.

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This unique period offers a magnificent gift for ALL: an invitation to enter into a new reality now being created on Planet Earth.

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