Infusing the World with Light through Prayer

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Infusing the World with Light
through Prayer

From the point of Light within the mind of God,
Let Light stream forth into human minds.
Let Light descend on Earth.

~ From The Great Invocation ~

Recently, when a number of different people suggested I write a blog teaching about prayer, I was intrigued.  Several told me they were not sure they knew how to pray “properly” and wondered if their prayers really made any difference. Their sharing brought to mind what I have learned in the course of the many years I have studied the subject of prayer in all its aspects and spiritual traditions.

In the process of conducting this research, I came to recognize that there are important aspects of prayer about which many people are not aware. The synchronicity of receiving a number of requests at the same time from various friends and colleagues to write on this subject suggests that now would be an opportune time to share what I have learned about prayer.

There are important aspects of prayer about which many people are not aware.

Prayer has a great power to support us at the most demanding of times. It can allow us to feel safe regardless of the challenges life presents to us. It can enable us to stand strong when we are buffeted by outer extremes of weather and of cultural, social, and political change, and by inner tensions of fear and distress.

Prayer allows us to powerfully respond to humanity’s cry for help in a world that can feel forbidding and dangerous–to the Earth’s cry as its seas fill with plastic and its forests burn. An awareness of how to respond purposefully to the ongoing crises and injustices of our world emerges when we invite the Light of Heaven to infuse ourselves and others through prayer.

Before praying for someone, we need to pause and connect our heart with the Light of Heaven. The Light of Heaven, also referred to as God’s Light, is prayer’s sacred power. Prayer manifests as a point of Light shaped like a star. Those who accept a prayer’s point of Light within their heart will “wake up” to their spirituality and welcome knowledge, wisdom, conscious knowing, and sacred service into their lives.

How paltry is our awareness and understanding of the power of this Light! Once we accept the presence and purpose of this Light, we will recognize Earth as a school in which we learn, grow, and serve. How the person who is prayed for benefits from accepting the Light is a matter between God and that person.

When we reject this Light, we risk becoming lost in a world of power, money, and accumulation of material goods. Lacking a sense of purpose in life, we turn to outer temptations, distractions, and addictions and neglect the care of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. When this happens, it is crucial that we ask the Light to show us another way.


Years ago, I discovered a Buddhist prayer that extends Light to others with purity and integrity. The prayer consists of this simple phrase: “I pray for ______’s highest possible evolution.” The prayer does not focus on what we think the person needs, such as relief from her or his suffering, or a change in the person’s behavior, attitude, health, or job. Rather, the prayer invites the Light to support and guide the person’s highest possible evolution at this time in the person’s life.

The one who prays needs to follow steps to ensure that a prayer has been delivered and will bear fruit. These steps can also be adapted and used when praying for a group of people, such as a family, church, organization, or country (see "How to Pray for a Group" on this blog).


Steps to Follow to Pray for a Person

Step One: Begin by placing your hand on your heart and taking three slow, deep breaths. Link your heart, where the human soul (with a lower case “s”) is located, to your Soul (with a capital “S,” also known as your Higher Self), which is located eight inches above your head. Imagine the linking of soul to Soul with a line of Light-energy. Next, link this line of Light-energy with the Light of God (also called the Light of Heaven or Light of Divine Source). You may use the Soul Alignment to do this.

Step Two: Bring the person to mind for whom you wish to pray. Pause a moment or so to connect with the heart of this person.  For example, if this is someone with whom you have undelivered communications, mentally share your communication with the person’s soul in a kind, loving, and nonjudgmental way. Come from your heart when you do this. NEVER blame or accuse the person of any wrongdoing or give them advice.

If this is a person with whom you have grievances, briefly share your wish to have a healthy and positive relationship, perhaps saying something like, “Our relationship (and/or certain events in my life) have not always gone well. I’d like to share some truths (secrets) about myself and how that has affected my relationship with you.” On the other hand, you may wish to tell the person you are praying for what you appreciate about them or what you have failed to thank them for–now or in the past.  For example, you might say, “I would like you to know how grateful I am for all the ways you have helped me in my life, like the time when _____.”


If you skip Steps One or Two and only say, 
“I pray for _____,” the Light (the prayer) DOES NOT move towards and reach the person. 
This is also true when we only say “sending prayers and blessings.”

Step Three: State this simple phrase: “I pray for ______’s highest possible evolution.” Do not focus on what you think the person needs. Rather, allow the prayer to do its work. The prayer invites the Light to support and guide the person’s highest possible evolution at this time in his or her existence, whatever that may be.


1. Align your heart (soul) with Divine Source.
2. Connect with the heart (soul) of the person. Communicate your appreciation and/or concerns to the person with kindness and without blame.
3. State: “I pray for _______’s highest possible evolution.”

An earlier version of this teaching included a step in which permission was asked of the one being prayed for so as not to impose our will on that person. However, spiritual teachers are now saying that EVERY soul on the planet is crying out for Light and that we no longer need to ask for permission in order to pray for others.

How often and for how long you continue praying for someone will vary from person to person. Step Two does not need to be followed after the initial contact has been made with the person. After using this approach to prayer a few times, you will discover that it does not take long to easily connect to the person in prayer. Decide when and what amount of time you wish to spend offering prayers of Light, and honor that commitment.



We stand on the threshold of a new reality coming to Earth. In this new reality, we will see that all is energy. We will welcome Light as the energy of Spirit, the energy of the soul, the energy of life. We will awaken to our spiritual origins. We will know that our world is destined to be infused with Light in its many forms–understanding, wisdom, beauty, truth, meaning, purpose, compassion, and love. We will literally stand beneath a waterfall of Light. We can do our part to usher in this new reality of a planet infused with Divine Light by using, in this way, the sacred power of prayer.


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After using the practice of infusing a person with Light through prayer, what positive differences have you observed in the quality of your prayer life?
In your spiritual wellbeing?




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