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Welcome to the
Soul Development Portal ~ a curated selection of our teachings, practices, and courses related to the development or growth of the soul.

Because the psychospiritual path of The Clarion Way is holographic ~ each part reflecting the whole ~  ALL teachings,  practices, courses, and other materials offered by the Institute can also be applied to 
your soul development.


The bee, a symbol for the
soul, acts as a messenger
between spirit and
  • The Strong Must Be Made Stronger
    We are wise to take an honest, nonjudgmen- tal look at what we think, feel, and do that weakens our inner strength, and what we think, feel, and do that strengthens it.  


    • Soul Alignment
      A centering practice to receive guidance from the Soul
    • That Was Then ~ This Is Now
      A life experience inventory can help us identify our unique gifts of service. Through it, we can focus on using what we have learned from our lives to genuinely help others.
    The journey of soul development requires that we dissolve our obstacles to personal growth as we engage with the world. 
    • Am I in My Right Place?
      The practice of finding and recognizing our right place is a spiritual matter of the heart



    As the soul matures, the focus of both attention and intention moves from being outer-directed to being

    • Inner Work ~ Accessing Compassion
      Explore inner work as a way to nonjudgmentally observe life experiences that can lead to increased compassion for ourselves and others
    • Forgiveness ~ The Gift of Lilies
      Understand the contrast between extending love and projecting negativity when relating to others and learn to apply this understanding through the practice of forgiveness.



    The Institute views its services as adjuncts to traditional medical and mental health care. As such, Institute courses are not intended to be psychotherapy, medical therapy, or a substitute for either one. Participants and volunteers are required to assume self-responsibility for their wellbeing by seeking, when appropriate, psychological, and medical professional services. As partners in the program in which they are enrolled, participants are asked to set intentions, do assignments, respect Institute communication guidelines, and in all ways participate with self-responsibility for their wellbeing.

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