Becoming a Lightbearer

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Becoming a Lightbearer 

First in a series of three teachings on 

The Years 2021 to 2025 ~

The Dark Gets Darker / The Light Shines Brighter

The four years between
2021 and 2025 will be a particularly disruptive and dangerous time, as dark energy rises to the surface to be changed into Light.

For nearly a quarter of a century, beginning with my Soul and Service Trilogy in 1997, I have been teaching and writing about the transition of the Piscean Era to the Aquarian Era – the ending of one 2,000-year era (the Piscean) and the beginning of the next 2,000-year era (the Aquarian). This transition is also referred to as the “Cosmic Shift” in human consciousness – when our planet and humanity as a whole will transition from the third and fourth dimensions, where we currently reside (the Piscean Era), and take a quantum leap into the edges of the fifth dimension of the Aquarian Era. The transition has been foretold in various world religions and cultures, anticipating a “Golden Age” of Light, peace, and unified consciousness.

The Next Four Years: 2021-2025

Despite the proliferation of teachings now available on this subject from a vast array of sources, many individuals struggle to understand the transition and do not recognize the profound way in which it is affecting our lives at this unique time in the history of Planet Earth. Having been born into this time of transition, it is essential that we play our part in this radical shift of consciousness that is destined for humanity and for our planet. 

In the final years of the Piscean Era, the dark will get darker simultaneously with the Light becoming brighter. The four years between 2021 and 2025 will be a particularly disruptive and dangerous time, as dark energy rises to the surface to be changed into Light. During these four years, there will be a breakdown involving energies of the extreme right and the extreme left; this breakdown will lead to a breakthrough that requires the presence of inner spiritual power. During this time, many people will wake up, drop their illusions, face their fears, and take responsibility for their lives with no blaming.

In 2025 (some spiritual teachers say this process takes place between 2025 and 2030), humanity will shift from being dominated by emotions, idealism, and devotion to authority (Piscean qualities) to being illuminated by the Light-filled, collaborative, higher-mind-centered aspects of the Aquarian. In this process, humanity’s collective consciousness will be born.

The Midpoint of the Transition

The Aquarian Era began in the mid-1700s. Subtle Aquarian energies began arriving with the onset of the Age of Enlightenment, the Industrial Age, and the Age of Imperialism.  Intellectuals such as Voltaire, Rousseau, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin were wayshowers for the emergence of the collective mind that challenged the religious philosophies of the Piscean Church.

The transition from one astrological era to another takes approximately 500 years. The Piscean-Aquarian transition began around 1760 and will come to completion around 2260. The year 2008 was the midpoint of this 500-year transition. The years immediately preceding and following 2008 have been particularly contentious, evidenced by the tug-of-war between the pull of keeping life as it was in the Piscean Era and the equally powerful pull to welcome the innovation of the Aquarian. In other words, we didn’t arrive at the turmoil and suffering of our current world overnight. It has been building for some time, becoming more concentrated and extreme with each subsequent year, and will continue to do so through the year 2025.

Within the Crisis: A Seed of Transformation

Although the Piscean Era began with the arrival of the love and wisdom teachings of Jesus, the practice of these teachings deteriorated over the centuries into conflict and disregard for human and planetary life. The human tendency is to be inert and relapse in its spiritual development. Often it is only a catastrophe that can serve as an impetus to move us forward.  Catastrophes shatter the human psyche. In this shattering, what was once believed to be true spirals into chaos. The psyches of individuals, and the collective psyches of groups and countries, can simultaneously move into chaos during and after a crisis.

Yet embedded within a crisis of any magnitude is a seed of transformation. Within the seed is the potential for the psyche to be reintegrated at a greater level of wholeness. When a way of life is halted by a crisis, a space for the unknown opens up. What at first was experienced as a tragic loss later proves to be an impetus for growth and an opportunity to serve others with compassion.  (See the teachings on “kabooms” on my blog here and here to explore this phenomenon further.)  

Becoming a Lightbearer for the Age of Light

Individually and collectively, these volatile years are leading humanity to a choice point – a moment of great significance for the survival of Planet Earth. In 2025, humanity will make a decision to accept or reject the opportunity to start anew in the Aquarian Era.

During these several years leading up to 2025, the number of Lightbearers – spiritually evolved people who embody Light – has increased dramatically and continues to do so. Lightbearers are wayshowers, shining their Light into and through the darkness and tumult of this time.  Collectively, they form an enormous Light that transmutes lower vibration energies into higher ones. The fact that you are reading this teaching now indicates that YOU are one of these Lightbearers.

How do we take up the role of being a Lightbearer? In what way can we radiate Light for humanity and for our planet? In the following teaching from To Show Another Way: How to Learn, Heal, and Serve at a Time of Crisis on  Planet Earth (published in May 2020), I explore the “Self-Light” we are each born with, how we can keep this Light strong, what to do when we find it growing weaker, and, ultimately, how our Light radiates in service to others and Planet Earth.

Humanity and our planet need your Light more than ever during the next four years. Are you ready to participate in the evolutionary leap that is our planet’s destiny? Will you accept the opportunity to help usher in the Age of Aquarius – the Golden Age of Light? The choice is yours.

Planet Earth with sunrise

Radiating Light to All That Is

(Chapter Five, Teaching Four from To Show Another Way:
How to Learn, Heal, and Serve at a Time of Crisis on Planet Earth

Many years ago, I had a friend who was a physician. I noticed a remarkable phenomenon whenever I was in his presence. whether we were walking in the neighborhood, taking a trip (whether by land, sea, or air), or informally visiting friends or relatives, we repeatedly encountered people in the midst of a life-threatening crisis or accident. These events didn’t occur when I was by myself or with other people, and they stopped happening in my life when my friend moved on. What struck me about these synchronistic events was the feeling I had while watching him tend to those who were seriously injured or emotionally traumatized. He seemed to give himself into what he was doing with love, care, compassion, and competence. He was present in the moment as he showed another way, radiating Self-Light to those he served.



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Photo attribution: © Can Stock Photo/ abidal: planet earth with sunrise in space

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