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related to the subject of service.

Because the psychospiritual path of The Clarion Way is holographic ~ each part reflecting the whole ~  ALL teachings,  practices, courses, and other materials offered by the Institute can also be applied to 
your relationship to service.


  • Michelangelo: Service as the Masterpiece of the Soul
    We are sculptors of our lives and can use each life experience to remove the superfluous in our inner and outer lives and thereby free the soul’s knowledge. The emergence of spiritual knowledge is the destiny of the soul.
The relationship between personal growth, service, and the soul's evolution is dynamic and systemic and necessitates a shift in our awareness of service.
  • Three Intentions for Soul-Inspired Living 
    Three intentions can 
    show us another way to view the world at this time of planetary crisis and invite us to affect change with heart-centered commitment and in alignment with our Soul.
  • The Easy Wisdom of Little Kuan Yin
    We soon realized that our resident kitty was a masterful spiritual teacher who taught others through example.  She embodied a constant state of inner harmony and alignment with the Divine. 
  • Reflections of a Wisdom Gatherer
    What does it mean to serve "through God's eyes"?
  • Flying on the Inside
    Like Stickeen, each of us can fly on the inside by finding the inner strength and commitment to walk across the many ice-sliver ledges in our lives.



Being of service means doing whatever needs to be done with no attachments to the form of the task and with no investment in its outcome.


  • Born to Serve Study Program
    Explore service as an expression of your soul’s evolution and destiny, and strengthen awareness of the relationship between your motives for serving and the quality of your service.
A higher calling of service means not so much being of service as being service.

diamond service

Many know their unique assignment during the early years
of the Aquarian Era and have already positioned themselves
to play critical roles. I refer to these people and groups as 
brilliants. The world, which is also a brilliant, maximizes
the emanation and returns the Light. 

The term "brilliant" refers both to a gem and to a specific cut shape for gems – the preferred one for diamonds. 
The brilliant can serve as an Aquarian metaphor, representing
the Soul through which Light pours from Divine Source,
maximizing the emanation and returning the Light.

From The Clarion Call

The Institute views its services as adjuncts to traditional medical and mental health care. As such, Institute courses are not intended to be psychotherapy, medical therapy, or a substitute for either one. Participants and volunteers are required to assume self-responsibility for their wellbeing by seeking, when appropriate, psychological, and medical professional services. As partners in the program in which they are enrolled, participants are asked to set intentions, do assignments, respect Institute communication guidelines, and in all ways participate with self-responsibility for their wellbeing.

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