Supporting Ukrainian Children

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Supporting Ukrainian Children

The Institute is partnering with child therapist Linda Goldman to support those working with children traumatized by the war in Ukraine

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that occurs in our life, shows us another way
to live on Planet Earth. 

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Linda's website is now offering the Institute’s monthly teachings and practices in support of the Ukrainian women in both English and Ukrainian.

Not long ago, I announced a new project upon which the Institute had just embarked: sharing teachings and practices for emotional and spiritual support with the staff of a substantial number of Ukraine orphanages, along with a large group of women who grew up in these orphanages and who have remained in contact with them. (You can read about this project HERE.)

Synchronicity Appears

Around the time of this announcement, I synchronistically found myself in conversation with a good friend and colleague, Linda Goldman, who has worked as a teacher, counselor, and therapist with grieving and traumatized children for the past 35 years. Linda shared that she is currently working with several U.S. organizations that are helping Ukrainian children who are traumatized by the war. When I told Linda about the Institute’s new project, we found ourselves exploring how we might share our projects on one another’s websites to extend the reach of both projects.

Linda created her website, Helping Children with Grief and Trauma, to support the care and wellbeing of grieving and traumatized youth. She is now joining with others to help the huge groundswell of Ukrainian children traumatized by the war. On this section of her website, Linda now offers information, in Ukrainian and English, for Ukrainians and others who seek to aid young people and parents in coping with the serious challenges they face as a result of the Ukraine war.

Co-Sharing Our Ukraine Projects

Linda's website includes information from organizations such as Apart of Me: A Safer Place for Children of Ukraine and Voices of Children in Ukraine, as well as Ukrainian translations of articles written by Linda on the subject. Now, as well, her website is offering the Institute’s monthly teachings and practices in support of the Ukrainian women in both English and UkrainianAll can be viewed at Linda’s website here:

We invite you to share Linda’s website (, together with my blog ( and the Institute’s full website (, with those who may be served by the wealth of information and support these websites provide.


Click HERE
for a copy of the Institute’s teaching
and practice in English and Ukrainian

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