Universal Tributes: Purpose


  1. To live life fully, I ask myself in every moment: Why am I here? How am I to be? What am I to do? Who am I to do this with? Where am I to go?
  2. I have been given a unique assignment by the Divine and, having accepted this function, I live my life with integrity, commitment, and gratitude.
  3. When I am out of harmony with the Divine’s purpose for me, I become attached to the material world and its tangible rewards.
  4. To be inspired is to put the Divine first in my life, thereby aligning my will with Divine Will and fulfilling my assigned life purpose and mission.
  5. To inspire is to be inspired.
  6. The energy of the Divine is spontaneous because it is only in the moment that the highest good can be served.
  7. It is not what I do in my life that matters but the love, joy, and gratitude with which I do it.
  8. Experiences throughout my life, even when seemingly inconsequential, serve as stepping stones to the eventual fulfillment of my chosen life purpose.

Copyright © Susan S. Trout. The Soul and Service Trilogy and Universal Tributes
Card Set, 1997-2011.

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