Universal Tributes: Will


  1. Universal Will expresses Itself through my Transpersonal Will to my personal will; in this way, my life purpose and mission are manifestations of the Divine.
  2. The clarity of the expression of Divine will through my personal will is dependent upon my willingness to develop and strengthen my will through inner work.
  3. Experiences of synchronicity and an increased sense of inner wellbeing provide feedback that Divine Will is expressing itself through my personal will.
  4. Because the energy and skill of the will are neutral and can be used for good or for harm, I am responsible for learning to use my will in a beneficent way.
  5. The Witness Self and the will form the center of my consciousness; the Witness Self passively observes and the will actively selects, initiates, directs, or inhibits my thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  6. Failure to develop and strengthen my will leads to a sense of meaninglessness and mental inertia and loss of the ability to make decisions and changes and to recognize and act upon intuition.
  7. Continually developing and exercising the will throughout my lifetime leads to increased inner strength and greater certainty of my connection with the Divine when faced with challenges and responsibilities and when serving others.
  8. A psychologically and spiritually healthy will selects, initiates, and carries out actions that serve the psychological and spiritual wellbeing of self and others.

Copyright © Susan S. Trout. The Soul and Service Trilogy and Universal Tributes
Card Set, 1997-2011.

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