Universal Tributes: Double Vision


  1. Serving others requires double vision, simultaneously seeing the facts of a circumstance and its deeper spiritual meaning.
  2. Double vision develops through meditation, prayer, contemplation, self-inquiry, and inner work.
  3. Discernment is an essential aspect of double vision; I develop discernment as I integrate psychological and spiritual knowledge with wisdom gained from life experiences.
  4. When responding to a situation, I honor the self-responsibility of the choices of those involved while ensuring their physical and emotional safety.
  5. I do not deny a person’s behavior; I strive to see the inner spiritual strength present in the person although it may be temporarily inaccessible to them.
  6. A spiritual essence is within all human beings; this essence is a manifestation of the spark of the Divine.
  7. My responsibility in any situation is to remain focused on the condition of my inner state and my motivation for serving while simultaneously carrying out any action I am called to take.
  8. My inner knowing determines how I respond in service in any situation.

Copyright © Susan S. Trout. The Soul and Service Trilogy and Universal Tributes
Card Set, 1997-2011.

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