Universal Tributes: Spiritual Invitation


  1. Willingness to see differently results in recognizing that Divine Love resides in all minds.
  2. Lack of self-love is the major obstacle to accepting the presence of Divine Love within myself.
  3. Self-doubt keeps me from experiencing my true reality.
  4. Accepting the presence of Divine Love within me is a prerequisite to accepting the presence of Divine Love in another.
  5. Divine Love is reflected back to me from the loving mind of every person or living creature.
  6. “To invite” is to provide a psychological and spiritual space in which persons feel emotionally safe to make new choices without fear of having my will imposed upon them.
  7. In many ways and with different words, I practice inviting myself and others into the energy of Divine Love.
  8. Naturally, with willingness and without effort, the energy expressed by my inner state extends to others my silent invitation to accept Divine Love. I have no expectations about when or if they will accept my offering.

Copyright © Susan S. Trout. The Soul and Service Trilogy and Universal Tributes
Card Set, 1997-2011.

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