Universal Tributes: Attitude


  1. Support is having a loving manner.
  2. The healing process unfolds in five stages: choosing to heal, making the commitment to do inner work, exploring alternatives, letting the process unfold, and acknowledging growth and healing.
  3. Patience provides a psychological and spiritual space for healing to occur with greater integrity and depth.
  4. The degree to which I release expectations of outcome in any given situation is the degree to which I am unconditionally accepting.
  5. Unconditional acceptance sees the spiritual essence beyond an individual’s behavior.
  6. Gentleness provides a psychological and spiritual space that allows old patterns and beliefs to be disentangled and released.
  7. The presence of patience, gentleness, and unconditional acceptance lessens resistance to change and growth.
  8. When I genuinely support and honor my own healing process, I simultaneously honor and support that of others.

Copyright © Susan S. Trout. The Soul and Service Trilogy and Universal Tributes
Card Set, 1997-2011.

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