The Years 2021 to 2025: The Dark Gets Darker ~ The Light Gets Lighter

A Series of Three Teachings

The teachings listed below comprise a series of articles I have written about the critical time on our planet between the years 2021 and 2025 (some spiritual teachers extend the timeline to 2030), during which the turmoil and unrest we are currently experiencing will be amplified... at the same time as the light pouring into our planet will increase in brightness.

There is a reason for this increasing chaos, as well as gifts and opportunities
we can choose to receive and partake in.

bees   blog logo Part I: Becoming a Light-Bearer
The four years between 2021 and 2025 will be a particularly disruptive and dangerous time, as dark energy rises to the surface to be changed into Light.

bees   blog logo Part II: Awakening of the Heart
Despite its distortions, there are durable remnants of the Piscean Era that are vital to the success of Aquarian times.

bees   blog logo Part III: An Extraordinary Invitation to Live a New Reality on Planet Earth
This unique period offers a magnificent gift for ALL: an invitation to enter into a new reality now being created on Planet Earth.

angel grouplife

The transition of the Piscean Era to the Aquarian Era – the ending of one 2,000-year era (the Piscean) and the beginning of the next 2,000-year era (the Aquarian)  is also referred to as the “Cosmic Shift” in human consciousness, when our planet and humanity as a whole will transition from the third and fourth dimensions, where we currently reside (the Piscean Era), and take a quantum leap into the edges of the fifth dimension of the Aquarian Era.

The transition has been foretold in various world religions and cultures, anticipating a “Golden Age” of Light, peace,
and unified consciousness.

~ from Becoming a Light Bearer ~

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