Living Our Destiny

A Series of Three Teachings

The teachings listed below comprise a series of articles I have written about 
destiny. The first defines personal and spiritual destiny, the second explores the destiny of leaders and groups/organizations, and the third addresses the destiny of the United States.

 I invite you to embrace destiny as essential to your wellbeing, as well as the wellbeing of humanity, Planet Earth, and the Universe. 

bees   blog logo Part I: Destiny ~ Our Life's Masterpiece
Destiny emerges, one amazing step at a time, as precious seeds planted in the present for future sprouting.

bees   blog logo Part II: Living the Destiny of Your Group or Organization
A group's spiritual destiny emerges when the group begins the journey of the evolution of its soul.

bees   blog logo Part III: Lincoln Answers Our Nation's Call for Help
The spirit of Abraham Lincoln, the great wayshower, responds to our collective pain.

diamond service

Destiny is an unrealized potential within us
that persists in its yearning to be fulfilled.

~ from To Show Another Way ~

For teachings on the destiny of our planet, see the following on this blog:

 Ride the Waves of Destiny into the Fifth Dimension: A Clarion Call
An ancient clarion call — will be the trumpet we hear as we leave the third-dimensional Piscean world and enter the fifth dimension of the Aquarian Era.

  The Years 2021-2025 ~ The Dark Gets Darker/The Light Shines Brighter ~ A Three-Part Series

  • Part I: Becoming a Light-Bearer
    The four years between 2021 and 2025 will be a particularly disruptive and dangerous time, as dark energy rises to the surface to be changed into Light.
  • Part II: Awakening of the Heart
    Despite its distortions, there are durable remnants of the Piscean Era that are vital to the success of Aquarian times.

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