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Living Our Destiny ~ A Series of Three Teachings

What is destiny? Why is it especially important right now that we know and embrace our destiny? Although our destiny can indeed be said to be “written in the stars,” we each have a decisive part to play in its fulfillment.

Several years ago, I wrote a series of three teachings for this blog on the subject of destiny – personal destiny, the destiny of groups and organizations, and the destiny of the United States.

More recently I wrote an additional series for the blog about the years 2021 through 2025 – the midpoint of the transition from the Piscean Era to the Aquarian Era, when, it has been foretold, our planet will experience an extreme increase in turmoil and unrest as dark energies rise to the surface to be changed into Light. The series about 2021 to 2025 explores the Piscean-Aquarian transition as the destiny of humanity and Planet Earth.

The Importance of Claiming Our Destiny

In 2023, we are experiencing, as predicted, an exponentially increasing chaos and dis-ease in our country and in the world. At the same time, our planet is being flooded with enormous amounts of high-vibration energy and Divine Light. As we ride the increasingly turbulent waves of the next few years of this cosmic transition, this is a good time to revisit the concept of destiny.

Although this series begins with the exploration of each of our personal destinies, our destiny by no means stops with the personal. As real and fascinating as our personal destiny is to us, it is equally and crucially important that we discover, accept, and claim our collective destiny.

Why You Were Born

You would not be reading this teaching if you had not been born expressly to serve as part of the earthshaking transition of our planet at the time of its momentous spiritual awakening – from its third-and-fourth-dimension reality of separation, duality, inequality, and strife, into its fifth-dimension rebirth as a radiant world defined by love, light, and group consciousness.

Our ultimate destiny, in all of its expressions – at once that of individual, family member, leader and/or group member, citizen of our country, and inhabitant of our planet – is to be a lightbearer of the New Age.

I invite you to embrace your destiny at all levels as essential to your wellbeing, as well as to the wellbeing of humanity, Planet Earth, and the Universe.

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