What Really Matters

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What Really Matters

A woman lay in a daisy field watching the clouds and contemplating her life.  She remembered with deep regret all the times she had harmed herself, others, and Planet Earth.  With all her heart, she looked to the heavens and asked for forgiveness.

Make the whole world
your friend.

Suddenly one of the clouds descended.  Standing on it was an angel child who beckoned the woman to board the cloud.  She did as bidden.  The two rode the cloud to a great building in which there were many men, women, and children of all races, colors, creeds, and religions.  The building was surrounded by pristine beauty and abundant animals and plant life.

The angel child led the woman inside where she was presented with a white book beautifully decorated with a gold rose.  Then he led her back to the cloud and guided it back to the daisy field.

The woman had barely been able to contain her excitement over the gift.  Alone in the field, she examined the book.  When she opened it, she saw there was only one page.  And on that page was written:

There is nothing to forgive.
Use what you have learned from your life
to help others and Planet Earth.



As you reflect on your life as well as that of our Earth, what is your response 
to the question,

"What really matters?"


Share with me what you experienced doing the Reflection exercise, or just say hello and let me know if you are finding my blog of value. 
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Source: Adapted from Susan S. Trout.  Born to Serve: The Evolution of the Soul Through Service. Three Roses Press: Alexandria, VA, 1997.

Photo Attribution: 
By NASA/GSFC [Public domain], taken from the satellite Suomi NPP, 20 June 2012, via Wikimedia Commons

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