Waking Up: Healing from Kabooms by Aligning with Our Soul (Part II)

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Waking up: Healing from Kabooms
by Aligning with Our Soul

Part II of a two-part teaching

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One action we can take to feel safe in an unsafe world is to “sing the song of Divine Light” by aligning with our Soul.

In my last blog teaching, I wrote about the presence of kabooms in our lives. I described two major kinds of kabooms, namely those emotionally explosive events that shatter our current reality or those incidents that move us so deeply that they dramatically shift our inner reality to a more loving and expansive one.

In this teaching, I would like to share an essential spiritual practice that sustains the connection to our Soul whenever we experience a shattering kaboom during the present transition from the third and fourth dimensions into that of the fifth. (See my teaching "Ride the Waves of Destiny into the Fifth Dimension: A Clarion Call" for a description of these dimensions and of the Piscean-Aquarian transition.) Kabooms that trigger our fears during this transition can relate to personal traumas, climate change, warring nations, economic collapse, random murders, or species extinctions.

Soul Alignment

One action we can take to feel safe in an unsafe world is to “sing the song of Divine Light” by aligning with our Soul. When we align with our Soul, we simultaneously invoke and thus sing the song of Divine Light.  This song is a silent inner experience of Divine Light. Our Soul’s purpose is to protect, guide, teach, and inspire. Aligning with our Soul can be done whenever we feel a need for protection, support, and guidance.

Description: The human soul (lower case “s”) is located in the heart.  Therefore, in the alignment exercise, the words “heart” and “human soul” are used interchangeably. A person's Soul (capital “S”) is located about eight inches above the head. The sutratma is the thread of Divine Light from the Soul to the soul. Our personality consists of our etheric-physical, emotional, and mental bodies. The Light of our Soul extends through the sutratma and into these bodies, enabling us to have a Soul-infused personality.

Directions: Sit in a comfortable position when doing the alignment exercise and in a quiet place where you will not be interrupted. Pause at least 10 seconds between each step.

  1. Take a deep breath to calm your physical body. (Pause.)
  2. Take a deep breath to calm your emotional body. (Pause.)
  3. Take a deep breath to calm your mental body. (Pause.)
  4. Focus your awareness in your heart.
  5. Visualize a line of Light extending from your heart down to the heart of the Mother of the Earth.
  6. Visualize a line of Light from your heart to your Soul located above your head.
  7. Visualize the Light extending from your Soul to Divine Source.
  8. Sit in silence as you hold this alignment from the heart of the Mother of the Earth to Divine Source. See the Light of Source moving down the alignment to the heart of the Mother of the Earth and then back again to Source, creating a circuit of energy carrying Divine Will to all levels of manifestation. (You may either sit in silence for a few moments or meditate for 15-20 minutes at this stage of the Soul Alignment.)
  9. Recognize this knowing within yourself: The Peace of God is shining in me now.
  10. Chant 3 OMs.

"The Peace of God is shining in me now" is a favorite quote of mine from A Course in Miracles workbook lesson. I close this teaching with further words from this Course lesson, which conveys the spiritual essence of Soul Alignment:

Light is not of the world…The light came with you from your native home, and stayed with you because it is your own. It is the only thing you bring with you from Him Who is your Source. It shines in you because it lights your home, and leads you back to where it came from and you are at home." (W-p1.188.1:1-8)


What insights have I gained by practicing
the Soul Alignment? 

In what way have these insights shifted my awareness that “the peace of God is
shining in me now?”


Share with me what you experienced as you work with the Reflection exercise, or just say hello and let me know if you are finding my blog of value.
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Adapted from  © Susan S. Trout.  The Clarion Call: Leadership and Group Life in the Aquarian Era. Alexandria, VA: Three Roses Press, 2009.  86-89.  Drawing by Ginger Graziano.

Photo Attribution: By Alias 0591 from the Netherlands (Ray of light  Uploaded by russavia) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons.

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