Taking the Hand of Tomorrow

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Taking the Hand of Tomorrow

Honoring Our 30th Anniversary
Institute for the Advancement of Service

The natural law of synchronicity exists
because we are all connected in a meaningful way ~
to one another and to
both the animate and inanimate world.

A thirty-year anniversary.  Three times ten.  At first glance, these are simply numbers of years. At second glance, these numbers are interconnected symbols conveying an important synchronistic message.

The Law of Synchronicity

The natural law of synchronicity exists because we are all connected in a meaningful way, to one another and to both the animate and inanimate world.  As a seeming coincidence, synchronicity illustrates that minds are joined, that we are not separated and isolated from one another in the world. The more we align with this connectedness, the more often synchronistic events appear in our lives.

The Universe uses synchronicity to guide, teach, and protect us.  If, in fact, our 30th anniversary is a synchronistic event, our responsibility is to notice and receive the helpful message the Universe is offering us.  Let’s start by looking at the symbolic meaning of the numbers three and ten and how these numbers thread themselves throughout the philosophy and work of the Institute.

The Power of Three

Three is a symbol of creative power, of growth, of forward movement, of overcoming duality, and of synthesis. Three is the number of the whole, inasmuch as it contains a beginning, a middle, and an end–such as birth, life, death; and past, present, future. It is the heavenly number representing the soul.

The power of three is universal and is represented in the teachings of many world religions, such as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in Christianity; Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma in Hinduism; and the three Jewels of Buddhism. The law of three occurs in modern physics as the three foundational forces of nature–the strong force, the weak force, and electromagnetism. In Ageless Wisdom teachings, the three essential energies are light, love, and willpower.

Three is the heavenly number representing the soul.

Many threes exist in the Institute’s organizational structure and in its philosophical teachings.  There are three key words in our name–Institute, Advancement, and Service.  Our name embodies three aspects–the heart chakra and two elements of fire and earth. Our logo represents three elements of water, air, and space. 

Our mission focuses on three major activities–study, practice, and teaching. Our publishing arm is Three Roses Press.  Our foundational teachings, The Soul and Service Trilogy, consists of three books, each with a title of three words: Born to Serve, The Awakened Leader, and The Clarion Call. Our address has three ones: 111 South Columbus Street.

The Number Containing All Possibilities

Ten is the number of the cosmos, the paradigm of creation.  It contains all numbers and therefore all things and possibilities.  It symbolizes divinity, the return to unity, and the completion of a journey so that another can begin.  Ten is also the number of manifestation.  What has been focused on with attention and intention becomes real.  Hence, the number ten carries a great responsibility and asks persons to go beyond belief in personal limitations. 

Ten is also the frequency for beauty of all kinds. The number ten appears throughout our foundational teachings: Ten Universal Tributes, Ten Tributes of Mastery, Ten Universal Principles of Group Energy, Ten Overarching Principles of Holographic Leadership and Group Life, Ten Universal Laws of Service, and Ten Spiritual Awakenings.

Preparing for the Challenges

Interesting questions arise for the Institute’s next step when we connect the symbolic meaning of three with those of ten.  Is the Institute being asked to open up to new possibilities and to move forward with creativity, finding a way to come together as a shared humanity living on a shared planet? 

Are the symbols of three and ten another way the Universe reminds us to prepare for the challenges that exist and those that are yet to come by taking the hand of tomorrow?  

As we stand precariously at the midpoint of the transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian Era, is the Institute poised to take its next evolutionary step and to cooperate with other groups and with nature?  Are we ready to manifest our shared vision, “to be a globally aware service organization that fosters soul development through its study, practice, and teaching of a holographic model of leadership and group life”?

Are the symbols of three and ten just another way the Universe reminds members of the Institute to prepare for the challenges that exist and those that are yet to come by taking the hand of tomorrow?  

Taking the Hand of Tomorrow

Because the Institute is a microcosm of the macrocosm, what is true for the world at large is true for the Institute and other groups.  As groups, we take the hand of tomorrow when we awaken to the consciousness of the Aquarian era.  This era promises to imbue the world with an energy that unites the feminine heart with the masculine mind. 

We awaken to this era by deepening and unifying our inner lives.  As awakened leaders and groups, we transform our organizations and communities so that we truly support our members and those we serve.  As groups, we take the hand of tomorrow when we awaken to the consciousness of the Aquarian era.    We call on the wisdom of the Universe to help us with the practical application of that knowledge.  We deepen our collective understanding of what wants to emerge in the world.

Through the Aquarian Doorway

Taking a step through the Aquarian doorway, we move out of the personal into the collective and out of duality into wholeness.   We feel the urgency of the planetary transformation and seek creative ways to participate.  We hear the clarion call to life and to action.  We make a choice at the midpoint between the Piscean and Aquarian eras, choosing between the old and the new, between what was and what will be, between faith and knowing, and between religiosity and spirituality.  We practice cooperation and learn how to live as one global family. We take the hand of tomorrow for the yesterday is no more.

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Reference: Susan S. Trout, PhD, Born to Serve: The Evolution of the Soul Through Service ©1997, and The Clarion Call: Leadership and Group Life in the Aquarian Era ©2009, Alexandria, VA: Three Roses Press.

Image attribution: "Open wooden door to the new world" by leolintang 

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