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What is service?

Service is life itself. When we truly serve, we draw upon the spiritual strength, wisdom, and directing power of our own soul and that of the person we are serving. A dynamic system of natural laws brings the soul’s urge to serve into full expression. These include the laws of synchronicity, dharma, omnipresence, evolution, receiving, uniformity, extension, agreement, transmutation, and transcendence. Through service, we become equal partners joined in a common purpose rather than separated individuals doing something to one another. Joined in this way, we release something far greater than is otherwise possible: a holy relationship in which we support the emergence of each other’s higher potential into a joint masterpiece. The goal of all work, of all service, is simply to bring out what is already there, to unveil the soul.

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What does "advancement of service" mean?

“Advancement of service” means to further the knowledge of service by moving beyond superficial definitions of service to an integrated psychospiritual understanding. To accomplish this, we are invited to explore our motivations for service and its many forms of expression, to discover how our soul and personality evolve through service, to learn how to extend unconditionally the fruits of our evolution in service to humanity, and to understand the relationship between our psychospiritual growth and the quality of our service.

He who would be a friend of God must either remain alone or make the whole world his friend. ~ Gandhi

What is the relationship between my soul and service?

The purpose of life, and thus of service, is to awaken the knowledge of the soul. By accepting the rigorous discipline of this partnership, our soul’s essence emerges and we attain our fullest potential to show another way to ourselves and others. Until we understand and address the cause of suffering and have compassion for ourselves, humanity, and nature, suffering on our planet will not cease. Once we understand service as an expression of a Divine Plan and of our soul, we will no longer experience short-term solutions leading to new and greater problems. We will recognize that the purity of our service is a direct expression of the purity of our motivation for serving. We will step off the cycle of suffering and help others do the same.

How can I practice selfless service?

“Selfless service” is giving that is free from personal desires or hidden motives. When we practice selfless service, we experience the profound truth that giving and receiving are reciprocal. The purity of our desire to serve selflessly, to surrender to the will of the Divine, washes away resentment, anger, feelings of superiority or inferiority, and the sense of being separate from others and from God. We touch feelings of bliss, joy, and a profound lightness of being.

Selfless service is also referred to as True Service. Practicing True Service is a state of high consciousness, and is a combination of self-effort and Divine Grace. Virtually all spiritual paths acknowledge the concept of this highest level of giving and receiving in the service of mystics and saints. Even though such service may seem unreachable to those of us less advanced on our spiritual journey, our desire and subsequent intention to practice selfless service sets in motion the alchemical shift in our inner state which allows us to taste this experience ourselves.

What is prayer? 

To pray is to make a solemn request for help from God, saints, or angels on behalf of ourselves, humanity, and Planet Earth. We receive God’s grace, guidance, healing, and protection through prayer. Prayers can also be an expression of thanksgiving or a confession. Other names for God are Divine Presence, Divine Source, I am Presence, God-Goddess-All-That-Is. Prayers are practiced in all major religions and metaphysical traditions.

What happens when you pray for someone without their permission?

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It is important to ask a person for permission before praying for someone. Spiritual teachers have told us that not asking permission to pray for another may be harmful to the person’s spiritual evolution. Unasked for prayers can short-circuit the person learning his/her lessons. In other words, a person can “jump over” what he/she came to Earth to learn spiritually. Other spiritual teachers have said that unasked for prayers can give energy to the person’s problems, thus making the problem worse and the person's life more disruptive. It is important as well not to pray for a certain outcome or result, as we cannot assume we know what is best for the person. Only God knows the person's true need.

If you are unable to ask someone for permission to pray for them because the person is ill, unconscious, or resistant to converse with you, you can, instead, ask the person's Soul for permission. The Soul is located above our head and is directly connected to God. There is an energetic link – a line of Light – between the soul in our heart, the Soul above our head, and God. (Other names for the Soul include Inner Leader, Higher Self, Transpersonal Self, and Solar Angel.)

To learn more about the line of Light connecting us with our soul (in the heart), our Soul (above the head), and the Divine, explore this Soul Alignment practice.

To ask someone's Soul for permission to pray for them, do the following:  

  1. Connect your heart with your own Soul, located eight inches above your head.
  2. Invite the person you wish to pray for to stand in front of you.
  3. Visualize the person’s Soul, located eight inches above his/her head.
  4. Ask the person’s Soul for permission to pray for them in the following way:

    "Do I have permission to pray for your highest possible evolution?"

    Wait for a response. Usually, you will sense a feeling or “hear” an actual word representing “yes” OR “no” OR “no, not at this time.” The latter suggests that you should ask again at a later time.

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