Become an Ambassador of the Institute

Being an ambassador of the Institute is being an ambassador of humanity and Planet Earth.

Provide support and guidance for those you know by gifting them books from the Institute

Institute Ambassadors gift our books to people they know, invite others to participate in The Bookgiving Project, and share about the Institute’s work and our teaching website

We invite Institute Ambassadors to consider giving our books to the following individuals and groups:

  • Supportive people and groups – friends, family members, relatives, colleagues, coworkers, and neighbors

  • Health service providers – Offer books to your doctor, dentist, acupuncturist, massage therapist, and anyone else who serves your health and wellbeing.  Ask them if they would be willing to keep a stack of books in their office for clients and staff to take for free.

  • Home service providers – Have a supply of books on hand so you can offer one to your plumber, your handyman, or anyone who comes to your home to repair or install something.

  • Fellow group and organization members – Give books to those in your book club, study group, or class.

  • Your spiritual community – Leave a stack of books at your meeting place for people to take home with them.

  • People you know in the business world – Offer a book to your bank teller, account executive, postal clerk, tax preparer, landlord or property manager, and/or condo board president.

  • Those you meet through synchronicity encounters – such as someone you have a conversation with at the grocery store, or someone who strikes up a conversation with you when you’re working in the yard. Keep books in your car so you always have them with you.

  • Little Free Libraries – Do you have a Little Free Library in your neighborhood? Consider adding Institute books to this library and continuing to replenish them when they are gone.

Join the Institute in sharing our books far and wide to provide support and guidance to as many people as possible as we navigate our planet’s transition to a new, Light-filled reality.

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Email us if you wish to be an Institute Ambassador at

Read about The Bookgiving Project HERE


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