Prayer Requests

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About Prayer

To pray is to make a solemn request for help from God, saints, or angels on behalf of ourselves, humanity, and Planet Earth. We receive God’s grace, guidance, healing, and protection through prayer. Prayers can also be an expression of thanksgiving or a confession. Other names for God are Divine Presence, Divine Source, I am Presence, God-Goddess-All-That-Is. Prayers are practiced in all major religions and metaphysical traditions.

Members of the Institute’s Prayer Circle use this Buddhist prayer:

“I pray for ___________’s highest possible evolution.”

This prayer places the decision for the person’s highest possible evolution in God’s hands. We do not pray for a certain outcome or result, as we cannot assume we know what is best for the person. Only God knows that.

How to Place Names on the Institute's
Prayer List

The Institute’s Prayer Circle prays for individuals, families, and groups. Those who pray are Institute volunteers.

Email us at  
to request that your name (first and last) or that
of another person or group 
be placed on
the prayer list.

Names will be kept on the list for six months. At the end of six months, you may request to continue to receive prayers for another six months. Names will be removed after six months if you do not make this additional request.



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