The Cornelius Bennhold Scholarship Fund

The Cornelius Bennhold
Scholarship Fund

The scholarship fund at the Institute was established in 2016 in memory of Cornelius Bennhold-Samaan, Professor of Physics and Chair of the Physics Department at George Washington University, and longtime board member, past president, and beloved teacher at the Institute for the Advancement of Service. 

Read Susan Trout's remembrance of
Cornelius Bennhold 

The fund provides scholarship support for individuals needing financial assistance to enroll in The Clarion Way coursesThe Clarion Way is the term for the Institute's overarching philosophy, as well as the psychospiritual path it offers through our courses and outreach.

Our tuition fees, ranging from $100 to $600, subsidize the expansion of our courses and materials. Your gift will serve individuals seeking psychological and spiritual support during this time of intense challenge on our planet. Our curriculum focuses on the dynamic relationship between soul development, service, leadership, and group life.  

For questions regarding The Cornelius Bennhold Scholarship Fund, contact the Institute at .

Read about how the Scholarship Fund emerged from a new
phase of the Institute's history 
(from February 2016)

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