Tribute Three

Divine Will works through me as me when I have no attachment to the form of the task and no expectations of outcome. [Keyword: SERVICE]


1.   The manner, style, and form of my service is unique to me because the Divine expresses Itself through the personality.

2.   The “me” that the Divine works through reflects a soul engaged in a certain stage of spiritual unfoldment; this “me” has a unique psychological and spiritual history, both consciously and unconsciously lived.

3.   I cannot decide for others what or how they use what is offered to them.

4.   The level of my service is limited by identification with the suffering of others and by attachment to my beliefs and to the material world.

5.   I am here solely to offer my service to others with the purest inner motivation possible.

6.   When I offer service with no expectations of return or outcome, I simultaneously offer a psychological space in which the receiver can see and accept what is best for them in that moment.

7.   No direct correlation exists between the form of service and the level of service; therefore, the highest level of service can be expressed in any action.

8.   The quality of service offered is dependent upon the nature of the inner state of the one who serves; I need do nothing and yet perform the highest service.

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