Tribute Four

By continually doing my inner work, I engender compassion for myself and others. [Keyword: INNER WORK]


1.   Inner work is a moment-to-moment, day-after-day, year-after-year, lifelong commitment and process.

2.   When I genuinely do my inner work, denied parts of myself reveal themselves for purposes of integration and purification.

3.   While engaging in my inner work, I invite my higher consciousness to aid me in the purification of my lower consciousness.

4.   The fruits of my inner work are reflected in the quality of my inner state and manifest in the world through selfless service.

5.   Inner work is psychological and spiritual in nature; meditation, contemplation, and self-inquiry facilitate my process.

6.   I cannot have compassion for another without first having compassion for myself; consciously striving to have compassion for others strengthens having compassion for myself.

7.   To be compassionate means to observe, but not identify with, the suffering of myself and others.

8.   Compassion and truth are two major spiritual gifts I offer to those I serve.

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