Tribute Five

With honesty and kindness, I take responsibility for my own choices and allow others to do the same. [Keyword: CHOICE]


1.   The courage to heal, grow and serve begins with being honest with myself about who I am and who I choose to become.

2.   The wellbeing of myself and others depends on my ability to be honest without attack or condemnation.

3.   Honesty asks that I speak the truth with compassion and self-responsibility.

4.   I am free to choose my inner attitude regarding any given life circumstance; I can always choose again.

5.   Once I choose again, I must do the inner work necessary to make that choice a reality.

6.   I can only choose beliefs and attitudes for myself; I cannot choose them for another.

7.   When I do not allow others to make their own choices or to take responsibility for themselves, I impose my will; by imposing my will, I disempower others, depriving them of the freedom of choice and the opportunity to discover their own uniqueness and their own inner strength.

8.   I am responsible for the meaning and purpose I bring to my life and for choosing to learn and serve.

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