Universal Tributes

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My life goal is to align my will with Divine Will and to increase the time I function in this state of Higher Knowing. [Keyword: WILL]


1.    Universal Will expresses Itself through my Transpersonal Will to my personal will; in this way, my life purpose and mission are manifestations of the Divine.

2.   The clarity of the expression of Divine will through my personal will is dependent upon my willingness to develop and strengthen my will through inner work.

3.   Experiences of synchronicity and an increased sense of inner wellbeing provide feedback that Divine Will is expressing itself through my personal will.

4.    Because the energy and skill of the will are neutral and can be used for good or for harm, I am responsible for learning to use my will in a beneficent way.

5.   The Witness Self and the will form the center of my consciousness; the Witness Self passively observes and the will actively selects, initiates, directs, or inhibits my thoughts, feelings, and actions.

6.   Failure to develop and strengthen my will leads to a sense of meaninglessness and mental inertia and loss of the ability to make decisions and changes and to recognize and act upon intuition.

7.   Continually developing and exercising the will throughout my lifetime leads to increased inner strength and greater certainty of my connection with the Divine when faced with challenges and responsibilities and when serving others.

8.    A psychologically and spiritually healthy will selects, initiates, and carries out actions that serve the psychological and spiritual wellbeing of self and others.

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I know my chosen life’s purpose is in alignment with a Higher Purpose for me when I am inspired and when I experience the joy, spontaneity, and gratitude of service. [Keyword: PURPOSE]


1.    To live life fully, I ask myself in every moment: Why am I here? How am I to be? What am I to do? Who am I to do this with? Where am I to go?

2.   I have been given a unique assignment by the Divine and, having accepted this function, I live my life with integrity, commitment, and gratitude.

3.   When I am out of harmony with the Divine’s purpose for me, I become attached to the material world and its tangible rewards.

4.   To be inspired is to put the Divine first in my life, thereby aligning my will with Divine Will and fulfilling my assigned life purpose and mission.

5.   To inspire is to be inspired.

6.   The energy of the Divine is spontaneous because it is only in the moment that the highest good can be served.

7.    It is not what I do in my life that matters but the love, joy, and gratitude with which I do it.

8.   Experiences throughout my life, even when seemingly inconsequential, serve as stepping stones to the eventual fulfillment of my chosen life purpose.

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Divine Will works through me as me when I have no attachment to the form of the task and no expectations of outcome. [Keyword: SERVICE]


1.   The manner, style, and form of my service is unique to me because the Divine expresses Itself through the personality.

2.   The “me” that the Divine works through reflects a soul engaged in a certain stage of spiritual unfoldment; this “me” has a unique psychological and spiritual history, both consciously and unconsciously lived.

3.   I cannot decide for others what or how they use what is offered to them.

4.   The level of my service is limited by identification with the suffering of others and by attachment to my beliefs and to the material world.

5.   I am here solely to offer my service to others with the purest inner motivation possible.

6.   When I offer service with no expectations of return or outcome, I simultaneously offer a psychological space in which the receiver can see and accept what is best for them in that moment.

7.   No direct correlation exists between the form of service and the level of service; therefore, the highest level of service can be expressed in any action.

8.   The quality of service offered is dependent upon the nature of the inner state of the one who serves; I need do nothing and yet perform the highest service.

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By continually doing my inner work, I engender compassion for myself and others. [Keyword: INNER WORK]


1.   Inner work is a moment-to-moment, day-after-day, year-after-year, lifelong commitment and process.

2.   When I genuinely do my inner work, denied parts of myself reveal themselves for purposes of integration and purification.

3.   While engaging in my inner work, I invite my higher consciousness to aid me in the purification of my lower consciousness.

4.   The fruits of my inner work are reflected in the quality of my inner state and manifest in the world through selfless service.

5.   Inner work is psychological and spiritual in nature; meditation, contemplation, and self-inquiry facilitate my process.

6.   I cannot have compassion for another without first having compassion for myself; consciously striving to have compassion for others strengthens having compassion for myself.

7.   To be compassionate means to observe, but not identify with, the suffering of myself and others.

8.   Compassion and truth are two major spiritual gifts I offer to those I serve.

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With honesty and kindness, I take responsibility for my own choices and allow others to do the same. [Keyword: CHOICE]


1.   The courage to heal, grow and serve begins with being honest with myself about who I am and who I choose to become.

2.   The wellbeing of myself and others depends on my ability to be honest without attack or condemnation.

3.   Honesty asks that I speak the truth with compassion and self-responsibility.

4.   I am free to choose my inner attitude regarding any given life circumstance; I can always choose again.

5.   Once I choose again, I must do the inner work necessary to make that choice a reality.

6.   I can only choose beliefs and attitudes for myself; I cannot choose them for another.

7.   When I do not allow others to make their own choices or to take responsibility for themselves, I impose my will; by imposing my will, I disempower others, depriving them of the freedom of choice and the opportunity to discover their own uniqueness and their own inner strength.

8.   I am responsible for the meaning and purpose I bring to my life and for choosing to learn and serve.

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I use each encounter as a reflection of either a remembrance of Divine Love or a grievance I continue to hold against myself or another. [Keyword: EXTENSION]


1.   All individuals are students and teachers to each other; in this way, there is meaning and purpose in every encounter.

2.   What I see in others is a reflection of what I see in myself; what I see in myself, I project onto others.

3.   When I react instead of respond, I am experiencing a denied part of myself; my reactions serve to remind me to continue my inner work.

4.   Reflections of Divine Love come to me in many forms and serve as witnesses for my true reality, reminding me that I am not alone.

5.   The extent to which I recognize and use reflections of Love or grievances as part of my inner work is dependent upon my willingness to be self-responsible.

6.   The energy of my psyche is restricted by grievances I hold against myself, thereby limiting my creativity and service.

7.   I can hold the space for resolution of a grievance for someone else only when I have released that same grievance within myself. Therefore, I hold the space for healing in others of that which has been healed within me.

8.   All encounters involve service at some level and therefore have the potential for bringing comfort or for being a catalyst for change.

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I acknowledge the reciprocal relationship between giving and receiving, understanding that both are essential for the wellbeing of myself and others. [Keyword: GIVING/RECEIVING]


1.   To receive and not to give results in an implosion of my energy, leading to narcissism and continued unmet needs.

2.   To give while refusing to receive strengthens the arrogant belief that others are not worthy to give and that others, not I, need to receive.

3.   I give to others by allowing myself to receive.

4.   I am renewed and revitalized when I give selflessly; when I give, I am also being given to, I am receiving.

5.   My experience of the outer world mirrors my inner beliefs concerning abundance and scarcity.

6.   I am unconsciously giving and receiving all the time; the more conscious I am of the level on which I give and receive, the more helpful my giving and receiving is to the wellbeing of myself and others.

7.   When I give, my energy moves outward and I manifest the fruits of my healing energy in the world.

8.   Giving and receiving are human qualities that need nurturing and developing in early childhood and throughout life.

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I see the external reality of a situation as well as seeing beyond it to the personal lessons, inner strength, and spiritual essence of myself and others. [Keyword: DOUBLE VISION]


1.   Serving others requires double vision, simultaneously seeing the facts of a circumstance and its deeper spiritual meaning.

2.   Double vision develops through meditation, prayer, contemplation, self-inquiry, and inner work.

3.   Discernment is an essential aspect of double vision; I develop discernment as I integrate psychological and spiritual knowledge with wisdom gained from life experiences.

4.   When responding to a situation, I honor the self-responsibility of the choices of those involved while ensuring their physical and emotional safety.

5.   I do not deny a person’s behavior; I strive to see the inner spiritual strength present in the person although it may be temporarily inaccessible to them.

6.   A spiritual essence is within all human beings; this essence is a manifestation of the spark of the Divine.

7.   My responsibility in any situation is to remain focused on the condition of my inner state and my motivation for serving while simultaneously carrying out any action I am called to take.

8.   My inner knowing determines how I respond in service in any situation.

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I support my healing process and that of others with patience, gentleness, and unconditional acceptance. [Keyword: ATTITUDE]


1.   Support is having a loving manner.

2.   The healing process unfolds in five stages: choosing to heal, making the commitment to do inner work, exploring alternatives, letting the process unfold, and acknowledging growth and healing.

3.   Patience provides a psychological and spiritual space for healing to occur with greater integrity and depth.

4.   The degree to which I release expectations of outcome in any given situation is the degree to which I am unconditionally accepting.

5.   Unconditional acceptance sees the spiritual essence beyond an individual’s behavior.

6.   Gentleness provides a psychological and spiritual space that allows old patterns and beliefs to be disentangled and released.

7.   The presence of patience, gentleness, and unconditional acceptance lessens resistance to change and growth.

8.   When I genuinely support and honor my own healing process, I simultaneously honor and support that of others.

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I accept the reality of the presence of Divine Love within my own mind and invite others to accept that same Love within themselves. [Keyword: SPIRITUAL INVITATION]


1.   Willingness to see differently results in recognizing that Divine Love resides in all minds.

2.   Lack of self-love is the major obstacle to accepting the presence of Divine Love within myself.

3.   Self-doubt keeps me from experiencing my true reality.

4.   Accepting the presence of Divine Love within me is a prerequisite to accepting the presence of Divine Love in another.

5.   Divine Love is reflected back to me from the loving mind of every person or living creature.

6.   “To invite” is to provide a psychological and spiritual space in which persons feel emotionally safe to make new choices without fear of having my will imposed upon them.

7.   In many ways and with different words, I practice inviting myself and others into the energy of Divine Love.

8.   Naturally, with willingness and without effort, the energy expressed by my inner state extends to others my silent invitation to accept Divine Love. I have no expectations about when or if they will accept my offering.

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