Being an Agent for Change in Humanity ~ A Four-Week Course


Divine Will works through me as me when I have
no attachment to the form of the task
and no expectations of outcome.

~ Susan S. Trout, PhD Born to Serve
and The Clarion Call


To acknowledge the inherent gift of the urge to serve and to recognize how attachments to beliefs and the material world distort behavior


            The Life Force produces a constant and passionate drive toward full expression of each being’s potential.  This driving energy is why service is life itself and why we have an urge to serve.
            ~ Susan S. Trout, PhD. Born to Serve

            1. To recognize the urge to serve and patterns of service through self-study
            2. To explore attachment in various forms and how it affects the quality of service
            3. To realize the relationship between self-care, urge to serve, and attachments


            Do you turn the other way when you seebe someone beckoning for help?  Are you irritated by the inertia, requests or behaviors of those whom you serve?  Are you reaching the burnout point in your present area of service?  Do you feel as though your efforts are not appreciated?

            Carefully read and consider the Universal Tributes Courses introductory page.  Ask yourself if now is the time to devote yourself to beginning (or deepening) your spiritual journey using the psychological-spiritual tool of the Ten Universal Tributes.

            The course for Universal Tribute THREE: Service supports you to care for yourself as a server and to explore the beliefs and expectations you bring to service through the understanding and practice of Tribute Three:  Divine Will works through me as me when I have no attachment to the form of the task and no expectations of outcome. As part of making your decision to enroll, carefully read the course requirements and time commitments listed below.

            Topics Covered

            • Tribute Three and Tenets: Divine Will works through me as me when I have no attachment to the form of the task and no expectations of outcome.
            • The urge to serve in human nature and personal history
            • The various forms of attachment
            • The place of self-care in service


                  • Follow the designated study steps and complete reading and worksheet assignments on schedule
                  • Spend approximately one-half to one hour each day to complete the four-week course
                  • Send designated worksheets to assigned faculty member
                  • Apply course material in personal and work life
                  • Discuss completed assignments and handouts in phone calls with your assigned faculty member, plus additional contact by email as needed
                  • Lesson cannot be extended past the original four-week period

                      I am here solely to offer my service to others with the purest inner motivation possible.
                      ~ Susan S. Trout, PhD, Tribute 3, Tenet 5

                      ENROLLMENT PROCEDURES

                      1. Interested person is emailed course description
                      2. Person registers if wishes to enroll by calling 703-706-5333 OR emailing info@ias-online.org

                      ONCE REGISTERED

                      1. Student is provided with the Table of Contents and the assignments and handouts for the month and asked to review them before orientation phone call or meeting.
                      2. Phone or in-person orientation to review assignments and handouts for the month and set a starting date, as well as dates and times for the following phone calls*:
                        • A half-hour “check-in” phone call from your assigned faculty member to address any questions you may have will take place one week after you have started the lesson.
                        • A one-hour phone call made by you to your faculty member will take place at the end of the month to review the month’s assignments and experience with the material. Your faculty member will send you an email that explains the focus of this phone call.

                      * Student is invited to contact the faculty member during the month via email or phone if s/he has difficulty working with the materials and needs support.

                      Course Tuition: $100

                      Fee Policy: Course paid in full at registration.  Full refund if you withdraw within three days.  Course fee is nonrefundable after three days.  Participant makes and pays for monthly phone calls.

                      Text: You will need to purchase your own copy of Born to Serve. Purchasing a Universal Tribute Card Set is optional.

                      Reference: Susan S. Trout, PhD, Born to Serve: The Evolution of the Soul Through Service. Alexandria, VA: Three Roses Press, ©1997.

                      Disclaimer: The Institute for the Advancement of Service does not provide medical or mental health care.  As such, courses and study programs are not intended to be psychotherapy, medical therapy, or a substitute for either one.  Participants are required to assume self-responsibility for their wellbeing by seeking, when appropriate, psychological and medical professional care.

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