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The Soul Development portal is a doorway through which you can step onto The Clarion Way, the psychospiritual path of the teachings of the Institute.

Because this path is holographic ~ each part reflects the whole ~ ALL courses, readings, practices, etc. offered by the Institute are related to the development of the soul. We invite you to begin your exploration of The Clarion Way with this curated selection.

Common Questions

  • What is soul development?

Our soul moves through a series of cycles or stages on its journey to full expression. There are seven evolutionary stages of the soul, each of which reflects shifts in human consciousness regarding our self and our relationships with others... READ MORE

  • What is inner work (personal growth)?

Inner work begins with the willingness to identify, face, and dissolve past physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wounds at a causal level, to welcome the rewiring of our neurology, to learn from our life experiences, and to align our personal soul with the divine... READ MORE

  • What is the shadow?
  • What kind of support do I need as I heal and do inner work?

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Explore service as an expression of your soul’s evolution and destiny, and strengthen awareness of the relationship between your motives for serving and the quality of your service.

Study ten transformational shifts occurring in today’s changing world that explain the problems of – and offer solutions for – our current state as individuals and as a species.

The journey of soul development requires that we dissolve our obstacles to personal growth as we engage with the world. 

The Ten Universal Tributes form a philosophical framework that shows us how to shift our thoughts, actions, and words in order to look within rather than without for wholeness. Enroll in any of the 10 four-week courses.

Tribute Four: Inner Work ~ Accessing Compassion
Explore inner work as a way to nonjudgmentally observe life experiences that can lead to increased compassion for ourselves and others

Tribute Five: Choice ~ Self-Responsibility in Action
Make choices that support living your life fully and completely in a world of constant challenge and change.

Tribute Ten: Spiritual Invitation ~ Remembering I Am Not Alone
Dissolve the obstacles that stand in the way of experiencing Divine Love.

MORE Universal Tributes Courses

A centering practice to receive guidance from the Soul

The practice of finding and recognizing our right place is a spiritual matter of the heart

Instead of reacting, learn to respond, rather than forcing things, learn to let be, and rather than reject your life experiences, practice learning from them.

By continually doing my inner work, I engender compassion for myself and others.
~ Susan Trout, Universal Tribute 4, Tenet 1

Learn to fly on the inside by finding the inner strength and commitment to walk across the many ice-sliver ledges in our lives.

A roadmap for becoming self-responsible, the Tributes show us how to shift our thoughts, actions, and words in order to look within rather than without for wholeness.

We serve when we willingly share, in some way, the wisdom we have gleaned from our life experiences.

  • Shifts of Consciousness [Coming Soon!]

Ten major Shifts of Consciousness are occurring in today's world, as old structures and belief systems collapse and new ones emerge. They direct us to a positive perspective of humanity's next evolutionary step, showing us how to balance our lives under the demands of constant change and provide us with the opportunity to look to the future of how our world is destined to evolve in a purposeful and uplifting way.

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As a philosophy, a school of thought, and a psychospiritual path, The Clarion Way teachings awaken our inner knowing and guide us in applying that knowing in the world through action.

Looking within to discover the obstacles to the awareness of our true nature, we can experience the soul coming to full expression through the personality.

As the soul matures, the focus of both attention and intention moves from being outer to being inner-directed. ~ Susan Trout, Born to Serve

Robin Williams is like a mirror: when we look into it, we see that he is us, you and me, and he is giving us an opportunity to choose a different path.

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Audios & Videos

Susan Trout Interview: On Personal & Group Destiny

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The Institute views its services as adjuncts to traditional medical and mental health care. As such, IAS courses are not intended to be psychotherapy, medical therapy, or a substitute for either one. Participants and volunteers are required to assume self-responsibility for their wellbeing by seeking, when appropriate, psychological and medical professional services. As co-partners in the program in which they are enrolled, participants are asked to set intentions, do assignments, respect IAS communication guidelines, and in all ways participate with self-responsibility for their wellbeing.

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