Courses and events are offered throughout the year. Topics include:

Service and Soul Development

  • The Nature of Service
  • Service and the Evolution of the Soul
  • The Shadow of Service
  • The Stages of Soul Development
  • The Development and Healing of the Will

our Courses

  • TheĀ Universal Tributes: A Spiritual Roadmap
  • Living Life Fully in a Crisis-Filled World
  • Meditation and Chanting
  • Qigong Healing
  • The Enneagram
  • Awakening the Heart

Leadership and Group Life

  • The Soul Lessons of Leaders
  • Soul-Inspired Leadership Training
  • Designing Holographic Organizations
  • Foundations and Practices of Aquarian Leadership
  • The Soul Lessons of Groups
  • Soul-Inspired Group Life Training
  • Foundations and Practices of Aquarian Group Life
  • The Shadow of Leadership, Organizations, and Groups

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