The Universal Tributes: Practice Series

from 09:00 to 13:00

The purpose of the Tributes Practice Series is to continue the development and healing of the quality of your inner state as it relates to the quality of your one-on-one relationships and group life.   You will practice self-responsibility for your thoughts, actions, and words by looking within rather than without for wholeness.

A commitment to integrating the Ten Universal Tributes into your daily life requires self-effort, discipline, and practice.  These ongoing practice sessions support your commitment to work with the Ten Tributes and their Tenets.  Approaches include contemplation, self-inquiry, meditation, journaling, imagery, shadow work, communication skills, and emotional healing exercises.

The Tributes Practice Series is open to all; enrollment in The Universal Tributes Spiritual Roadmap is not required.

Cost: $40 per session

Teaching Staff:  Susan Trout (Coordinator), Faculty Members

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