The Awakened Leader Training

2013-01-26 09:00 to
2013-01-27 16:30

The purpose of The Awakened Leader Training is to support individuals wishing to work towards becoming Stage Five leaders and for those already in Stage Five who wish to strengthen their leadership.  One of the seven stages of leadership, Stage Five represents the shift from seeking meaning and validation from outside the self to becoming self-responsible for your inner state and outer actions.  Participants will integrate knowledge and experience concerning the leader-group relationship by strengthening the awareness that leadership at all times is a path of service to one’s soul.

Using presentations, exercises, and scenario role-plays, this training helps participants:

  • Apply the seven stages of soul evolution for leaders and groups
  • Develop Stage Five leader-group partnerships
  • Incorporate the five soul lessons of leaders
  • Explore and resolve external and internal dangers of leadership
  • View founder’s syndrome from a soul perspective
  • Apply feminine and masculine principles in leadership
  • Implement supportive organizational structures
  • Incorporate psychological and spiritual support tools for the leader

Based on The Awakened Leader and The Clarion Call by Susan Trout, the training is useful for those currently in a leadership role or for those who wish to develop and deepen a philosophy of leadership and its practical application.

Cost: $300 ($250 if registered and paid in full by Monday, January 21)

Teaching Staff:  Susan Trout (Coordinator), Faculty Members

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