Spring Forest Qigong: Working with Your Body’s Energy

Change how you look at your health! Join us for an informative and inspiring workshop on this ancient energy practice.
from 09:00 to 17:00

NOTE: This workshop will be held at The Center for Spiritual Enlightenment (CSE) located at 222 N. Washington Street in Falls Church, VA.  See below for information on how to register.

    Learn about:
    « the importance of breathing effectively
    « the causes of energy blockages
    « ways to balance your energy
    « meditation on 'The Small  Universe'
    « energy healing

Description: Qigong is the study of energy (chi or qi).  It has been practiced in China for over 5,000 years and has many applications for health and wellbeing.  Spring Forest Qigong was developed by Master Chunyi Lin, a certified International Qigong Master, to provide an accessible version of this ancient practice. The exercises taught in this session are gentle and can be done standing, sitting, or lying down. They support all aspects of health:  physical, emotional, psychological, mental, and spiritual.

These practices are simple but powerful in relaxing the body and balancing the body’s energy.

Qigong strengthens your energy system, enhances your vitality, and helps to heal the mind, body, and spirit.

Note: Wear comfortable clothing.  Beginners are welcome. All participants will receive a Level I certificate from Spring Forest Qigong.

Teaching Staff: Carol Baker and Karen Clark-Stone are Certified Spring Forest Qigong Level I and Level II Instructors and Level I Master Healers.

Location: The Center for Spiritual Enlightenment (CSE) located at 222 N. Washington Street in Falls Church, VA.


To REGISTER for this workshop:

1. Pay in advance by credit card at the CSE website (www.thecse.org)
2. Send an email to TheCSE@TheCSE.org
3. Call the CSE at (703) 645-8060

Advanced registration is appreciated!

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