Universal Tributes: A Spiritual Roadmap

This one-day event introduces you to the Ten Universal Tributes and Tenets that serve as guides for actualizing the unity of your personal healing and your service, whether your service expresses itself in one-on-one relationships or in a group setting.
from 09:00 to 16:30

Cost: $105 ($95 if registered and paid in full by Monday, April 29)

Description: Recognized as universal psychospiritual principles, the Universal Tributes teach you how the quality of your inner state relates to the quality of your relationships and your group life.  The Tributes directly support your ability to “live life fully and completely in today’s crisis-filled world.”

After an overview of the philosophical framework of the Tributes, you will work with Tribute Five:

With honesty and kindness, I take responsibility for my own choices and allow others to do the same.

You will work with Tribute Five and its Tenets by practicing self-responsibility for your thoughts, actions, and words and by using methods for looking within rather than without for wholeness.  You will relate the meaning and application of this Tribute to “living life fully in today’s crisis-filled world.”  Approaches include contemplation, self-inquiry, meditation, journaling, imagery, and emotional healing exercises.

A commitment to integrating the Universal Tributes into your daily life requires self-effort, discipline, and practice.  Therefore, following the workshop, ongoing practice sessions are being offered at the Institute to support your continuing work with the Ten Tributes.

Teaching Staff: Susan Trout (Coordinator), Ann Benvenuto

Location: IAS, Alexandria, VA. Students will get directions to our office upon registration.


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