Spring Forest Qigong: The Effects of Stress

This practice session will focus on chronic stress and how it affects the body, using Spring Forest Qigong practices to help relieve stress.
from 10:00 to 12:00

Did you know?

~ 80% of all visits to primary health care providers in the US are due to stress-related illnesses or complaints

~ Stress can be addicting.  Many people 'enjoy' the hyper-alertness and stimulation of stress

~ Most people are living with chronic stress but do  not realize it

~ Chronic stress is harmful to the body

$20 per session

Description: Qigong is the study of energy (chi or qi).  It has been practiced in China for over 5,000 years and has many applications for health and wellbeing.  Spring Forest Qigong was developed by Master Chunyi Lin to provide an accessible version of this ancient practice. The exercises are gentle and can be done standing, sitting, or lying down. They support all aspects of health:  physical, emotional, psychological, mental, and spiritual.

These practices are simple but powerful in relaxing the body and balancing the body’s energy.

The first session in this Practice Series ~ on Breathing Well ~ takes place on Wednesday, April 16. Participants may attend either or both sessions in this series.

Note: Wear comfortable clothing.  Beginners are welcome. Participants may attend either or both sessions in this series.

Teaching Staff: Carol Baker (Coordinator), Karen Clark-Stone, Certified Spring Forest Qigong Level I Instructors

Location: IAS, Alexandria, VA. Students will get directions to our office upon registration.

Click on the PayPal link below. After payment you will be returned to this site to complete the Registration Form.

By Check mailed to: IAS , P.O. Box 320245, Alexandria, VA, 22320-4245

Questions? Send us an e-mail if you have questions about this event or any of our programs.

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