Meditation and Chanting Retreat

In this day of soul-nourishing retreat, you will call upon chanting and meditation to cultivate your inner connection to the sacred.
from 09:00 to 16:00

Cost: $105 ($95 if registered and paid in full by Monday, May 6)

Meditation uplifts and strengthens the connection to the Soul, the part of you that oversees your wellbeing and supports the highest good of all. Chanting, or repeating the sounds of sacred words or syllables, works with the subtle energies of consciousness to guide the mind into a state of meditation.

Our goal in meditation is to discover the faculties and powers of the mind, eventually tapping the truth at its source and entering into the mind of God. ~ Susan S. Trout, PhD, Born to Serve

In this retreat, you are invited to remember the Spiritual Being you truly are — the I AM THAT I AM; sound the vibration of mantra and move into a profound state of conscious awareness; deepen your meditation practice by using chant; and receive a unique transmission of healing energy which activates a high spiritual frequency in the receiver and facilitates a profound meditative state.

Repeat attendance at this retreat, offered bi-annually, is encouraged to recharge and deepen your connection with the Divine. Beginners to meditation as well as those with a regular meditation practice are welcome. A vegetarian lunch is included in the cost of the retreat.

Teaching Staff: Ann Benvenuto (Coordinator), Laura Lazour, Susan Trout

Location: IAS, Alexandria, VA. Students will get directions to our office upon registration.


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