Meditation and Chanting Retreat

In this day of soul-nourishing retreat, we call upon chanting and meditation to cultivate our inner connection to the sacred.
from 09:00 to 16:00

Cost: $95

    Have you found yourself neglecting or 'shortchanging' your spiritual practice?

    Did you know meditation and spiritual practices can help you feel safe in our unsafe world?

    Would you like to take time to go inward and reflect during the holiday season?

Description: The spiritual practices of meditation and chanting offer us inner strength and a way to feel secure and centered in our chaotic and stress-filled world.   Meditation uplifts and strengthens the connection to the Soul, the part of us that oversees our wellbeing and supports the highest good of all. Chanting, or repeating the sounds of sacred words or syllables, works with the subtle energies of consciousness to guide the mind into a state of meditation.

Our goal in meditation is to discover the faculties and powers of the mind, eventually tapping the truth at its source and entering into the mind of God.
~ Susan S. Trout, PhD, The Clarion Call

A vegetarian lunch is included in the cost of the retreat.

Note: This retreat is offered bi-annually.  Newcomers to the Institute, as well as those new to meditation, are welcome.  For those who have previously attended, we encourage you to attend the retreat repeatedly to recharge and deepen your connection with the Divine.

Teaching Staff: Ann Benvenuto (Coordinator), Susan Trout

Questions? Send us an e-mail if you have questions about this event or any of our programs.

Location: IAS, Alexandria, VA. Students will get directions to our office upon registration.

Click on the PayPal link below. After payment you will be returned to this site to complete the Registration Form.

By Check mailed to: IAS , P.O. Box 320245, Alexandria, VA, 22320-4245

Questions? Send us an e-mail if you have questions about this event or any of our programs.

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