Kuan Yin Medicine Poetry Circle

The Kuan Yin Medicine Poetry Circle deepens our understanding and application of Kuan Yin’s healing practice of writing "poetry medicine."
from 09:00 to 13:00

~ Are you looking for ways to connect with your own heart and access self-healing?

~ Have you ever wanted or tried to write poetry but are afraid you are "not a poet"?

~ Do you have a "wounded poet" within you?

Cost: $40 per session

Description: Based on the teachings in Stephen Levine’s Becoming Kuan Yin: The Evolution of Compassion, the Medicine Poetry Circle guides participants through meditation and gentle body movement practices designed to bring us into our hearts, where, in the words of Kuan Yin, we can hear "the song we need to sing for ourselves that is at first more felt than heard."  From this place deep in the body, blossoming from the heart, poems that heal us emerge.  In the Medicine Poetry Circle, we will write poems, share poems, and taste the "strong medicine" of "the right word at the right time."

How quiet one must be ~ a single thought can muffle it. ~ Stephen Levine, Becoming Kuan Yin

Note: The Medicine Poetry Circle is being offered on three Saturdays: April 26, May 31, and June 28.  Participants may choose to attend any or all of the three Poetry Circles offered. Participants would be supported in the Circle by reading Stephen Levine’s Becoming Kuan Yin: The Evolution of Compassion prior to attending.

Teaching Staff: Ann Benvenuto (Coordinator), Susan Trout

Location: IAS, Alexandria, VA. Students will get directions to our office upon registration.

Click on the PayPal link below. After payment you will be returned to this site to complete the Registration Form.

By Check mailed to: IAS , P.O. Box 320245, Alexandria, VA, 22320-4245

Questions? Send us an e-mail if you have questions about this event or any of our programs.

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